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Savera Counselling 

Every Morning brings a new possibility 

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My Approach

I recognize the apprehension that can come with considering therapy, and that's why I place great emphasis on compassion, empathy, and understanding in my therapeutic approach. Every individual I encounter brings with them a distinct life journey and cultural background that profoundly influence their experiences. My primary objective is to guide my clients in delving into their thoughts, enabling them to comprehend and articulate their emotions without the fear of judgment.

My practice is characterized by its diversity, drawing from a wide array of therapy styles. This diversity empowers me to customize my therapeutic methods to align with your unique requirements and resonate with your preferences. I firmly acknowledge the bravery and trust it takes to seek assistance, especially considering the uniqueness of every circumstance. Bearing this in mind, I extend a range of services tailored to nurturing your inner well-being, conquering personal obstacles, and aiding you in reaching your distinct life objectives with a renewed sense of completeness and self-assurance.


"Its not just the sun that brings a new morning. Its the change in your thoughts that brings a new day"

Riti Batra

Areas of counselling

Areas of counselling






Narcissistic abuse and NPD


Anxiety & Stress






Grief & Bereavement 



Meet Riti Batra
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Meet Riti Batra

There have been times in my life when everything just felt... off. It was like I was walking through a fog, not knowing which way to turn or where I was headed. That feeling of being lost and not knowing how to find your way back—it's tough, really tough. It's like fear and worry team up to hold you back, leaving you feeling alone and overwhelmed.

But you know what? I was lucky enough to meet this amazing therapist who became a real guiding light for me during those confusing times. They had this incredible knack for giving me tools and strategies that helped me not just get through it all, but actually thrive again. Going through that journey made me realize how much our past experiences shape our present, how they sort of build the roadmap for where we're heading.

As an artist, I've found so much power in combining mindfulness and art therapy. It's like these approaches help us dive into the deeper parts of our minds where all those emotional bumps and bruises are tucked away. And it's not just something I believe in for myself—I bring that same holistic way of thinking into my counseling practice too. Because I truly believe that feeling truly alive means getting that mind and body connection in sync.

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Savera Counselling


Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday  at Strawberries and Sunshine Wellness Collective

2850 Shaughnessy St #6201, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6K5

Phone number: 778-919-7462

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