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Individual Counselling

Individual or One on One Counselling

It is unfortunate that we don't always feel comfortable talking to the people in our lives when we are feeling down or emotions, worries, and stresses can seem too much for our loved ones to handle. That's where Counselling can help. Individual Counselling or one-on-one therapy allows you to speak to someone in confidence. A professional counsellor can respond to your concerns objectively, offer a comforting words, and give you sound advice to help you get through some tough times.

Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy

Arts and creative therapies are treatments that involve using arts-based activities in a therapeutic environment, with the support of a trained professional. You don't need to have done these activities before or have any particular skills or knowledge.

Different people will have different experiences of arts and creative therapies, but they all aim to:

  • give you a safe time and place with someone who won't judge you

  • help you make sense of things and understand yourself better

  • help you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them

  • help you communicate and express yourself, which might include feelings or experiences you find hard to put into words.

Therapy sessions can take place in a one-to-one setting or a group,


Family Dispute

Family Therapy

Referrals only. Please get in touch with the office at  (604) 944-6002

Couples Counselling

Couples Therapy

Please get in touch with the office at  (604) 944-6002

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