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Meditative Art

Meditative Art

The Healing Power of Mindful Meditative Art

I want to use painting to give you a chance to experience being Mindful and its therapeutic benefits. As you paint, your "monkey mind" is distracted by the colors and the way the paint layers merge on the canvas, enabling you to reach a state of mindfulness.

The fact that you are letting the act of painting lead you into a state of meditation rather than remaining motionless and attempting to stop the thoughts makes this one of the easiest ways to meditate for many people.

You are free to mess up, to make mistakes, to waste time, to get lost, and to let go of all the old stories about painting and "talent" and "good" or "bad" in order to bring yourself fully into the present moment and experience the universes and multiverses of possibility and abundance that open up within you as you paint.

Whether you've never painted before or are a seasoned pro, this class will lead you into uncharted regions within yourself as you become lost in colors that blend into one another, layer on top of one another, and create a kaleidoscope of form and light.

By giving your logical, analytical, and thinking mind something to do, this painting exercise will help you stay present. It will also help you stay in tune with your creative frequency, which will help you remember that you make your reality. The area of your brain that this painting meditation technique will activate is the same area of your brain that gets your highest wisdom, your deepest, truest understanding. This part of you is the one that has a clear idea of what you want to produce and will guide your creative energy in that direction. Furthermore, it is enjoyable and simple.

Contact me to set up your one-to-one art meditation session or set up a group session.

Minimum 5 sessions to complete the painting, one-to-one, 50-60 min/week.

Group of 6, $100/person/session- Supplies Included 4-5 hours.

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