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Counselling? Why?

Savera Counselling: 3 Advantages To Seeking Professional Counselling

This post summarizes three advantages to seeking professional counselling or therapy. It overviews the ways in which professional help can offer a safe environment to talk about emotions, provide problem-solving guidance, and leave you with lasting life skills.

3 Advantages To Seeking Professional Counselling

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health problem or illness. Seeking out professional counselling can encourage people to talk about their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment while also learning how to problem solve and gain life-long skills. Whether you are dealing with severe anxiety or depression, or just simply need someone to talk to, here are three ways that professional counselling can be beneficial to everyone.

1. It’s A Safe Environment To Talk About Your Emotions

Therapists and counsellors provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to talk about your emotions and their role in your life. They can offer feedback on how your emotions or feelings may impact your decisions and support you in making choices that will positively impact your life. Professional therapists are able to look at your situation from an outsider's perspective. For people who tend to bottle up or repress emotions, therapy offers a place to unburden these feelings and feel at peace. Therapists can work with you to understand why you feel the need to avoid talking about your feelings and help you become

comfortable expressing how you feel in a healthy way.

2. Problem-solving from a New Perspective

By seeking therapy or professional counselling, you are also seeking a fresh perspective on difficult situations or problems. Therapists can help you analyze situations from a new angle and understand the impact that this situation is having on your wellbeing. They can help you break down problems into manageable bits and pieces which are less overwhelming to solve. By processing and talking about your problems out loud, you will immediately feel less alone, and the issue will become more clear and manageable.

3. Enrich With Valuable Life Skills

Therapy and counselling can help you learn skills that will apply to all aspects of your life. Understanding your own emotions can lead to a better understanding of how other people may feel and a deeper level of empathy. You will also find healthy coping mechanisms or therapeutic devices to return to and practice when stressful situations arise. Counselling can help you find the courage to face your problems independently while realizing that you are never completely alone. By recognizing when and how to set boundaries for yourself, you will better manage situations that create feelings of anxiety and depression. You can also learn how to balance the many aspects of your life to regain a greater sense of well-being. These skills will be valuable in all areas of life, whether maintaining healthy relationships or feeling confident at work.

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